Hunter Shooting Courses

These courses are at exceptional venues with unheard of access to mountain shooting conditions.

These courses are not long range classes focused on getting the student to hit targets at 1,000 yards in a controlled range/bench environment. These courses are meant to make you a more proficient rifle hunter in the mountains. Focus will be put on field reading of the wind, proper spotting, high angle shooting, high elevation shooting, and 400-700 yard mountain hunting scenarios.

We aren’t in the business of selling rifles, scopes, “systems”, etc… We are in the business of making better mountain hunters.

2018 Summer Schedule/Pricing

Mountain Shooting School – Utah – The course cost is $2,500 per student. 3 Days of instruction. Course Details

Classes Schedule:

*We will pick anyone from out of town in Salt Lake, UT, either at airport or hotel near airport. If you fly in, you need to be in Salt Lake before 11:30AM on arrival date (range is a 4 hour drive). You must depart after noon on departure date.

Head Instructor – Ward Brien

A U.S. Army Veteran with a rich and varied background, Ward has spent the last two decades developing products and training that improves the success of steep angle shooters in hunting, military, and enthusiast settings.

Ward is well known as the inventor of the angle-cosine-indicator through his company Sniper Tools. He has acted as Chief Instructor for steep angle, high altitude, mountain courses for several Navy Seal Teams. In addition, Ward has taught the intricacies of shooting in an alpine environment to US military personal, military teams of US allies, and mountain hunters/guides. Mr. Brien teaches beginners through advanced shooters.

Ward’s goal with this course is to teach the mountain hunter shooting skills that enable them to be proficient at 600 yards and beyond in the alpine environment. He will teach the effects meteorological environment variables have on the performance of your ammunition and how to negotiate them. Ward will also focus on the practical aspects of mountain shooting, allowing the hunter to overcome common pitfalls.

Gear List

1. Good shooting rifle with ammunition (150 rounds)
– Bring a second lighter-weight gun (.243, .270, etc…) if your primary rifle is a .30+ caliber. After a lot of shooting, recoil will catch up with you.
2. Good Scope i.e. mildot, milrad with centimeters per click
3. Range finder
4. Hand held weather station if you have one (Kestral 3500 or similar)
7. Day Pack and Water Bottle(s)
8. Boots – hunting/hiking boots for rugged terrain
9. Optics – Binoculars and spotting scope
10. Pencil, notepad, and calculator
11. Rain Gear and Layers for weather from 45-90 degrees
12. Rifle cleaning kit
13. Eye and ear protection
14. Shooting sticks, bipods, and/or packs that you plan on shooting off of while hunting

Mountain Shooting Center – Utah

Ward’s main venue in Utah. This is a unique mountain course with unmatched high angle shooting. Wall tent accommodations are provided on the mountain with 3 meals per day.

1 day of lecture and zeros. 2 days shooting on course.

Mountain Shooting Center (MSC) is a high altitude (9300′ above sea level), long range shooting complex historically designed for the training of military snipers who expected to deploy to high altitude mountains and who plan to engage the enemy at steep angles (up or down), and at long distances. These variables also fit the needs of the mountain hunter.

Angle Down Ranges
Two Ranges: North Rim and South Rim Range
– Five firing stations on each range
– Five+ different firing positions at each station
– At least five targets available for engagement at each station
– Range distances from 600 to 2600 meters
– Firing angles from 5 to 50 degrees

Known Distance Range
– Flat and located at 9300’ above sea level
– Target Distance to 1700 meters
– 100 meter firing line increments

Angle Up Ranges
– The Angle up range consists of 25 designated positions where a sniper can engage targets (up) on either the North or South Rim
– Range distances from 600 to 2600 meters
– Firing angles from 5 to 50 degrees
– Angle up range also encompasses approximately 1 mile of road from which a sniper can dismount and engage targets above them

We will pickup anyone from out of town at Salt Lake, UT. Either at airport or hotel near airport. If you fly in, you need to be in Salt Lake before 11:30AM on arrival date (course is 4 hour drive). You must depart after noon on departure date.

Ward will be chief instructor, Cliff will help with instruction, spotting and logistics. Student groups will be kept small for detailed personal instruction.

We can provide a list of gear and suggested equipment that will enable the student to get the most out of the course. This course is best for shooters with at least some experience mountain hunting and shooting.

Call Cliff at 970-524-7218 or Ward at 818-359-0512 for questions and booking.

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