Corporate/Family Wilderness Adventures

Corporate Wilderness Trips

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Looking for the ultimate family vacation or corporate group wilderness challenge? These trips have been featured in travel and business publications. Our niche is building your group’s adventure in the wilderness. Our camps provide a full-time cook, wrangler, sturdy mountain riding horses, pack mules, food, wall tents and cots, and a designated fishing guides. Adventures can vary from moderate to epic in terms of the challenge. Trip length is typically 3-5 days.

For groups needing a day or two before or after the pack trip to rest or have meetings, call us for packages that include high-end lodging and catering.

For a closer look, check out our recent blog article that follows the FTWG team as they put in the remote summer camp.

All of our summer pack trips are customized experiences. Call us for a detailed quote.

Where the road ends, adventure begins...

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